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About Thinnox

In a world where change is the only constant and the influence of digital technology is becoming more profound by the day it is no longer a choice, but a necessity, to get better at how we communicate and interact with the world using emerging digital technologies.

The world’s best universities, institutes and colleges offer full time programs in media studies and design. Just by focusing on how our information gathering habits have changed over the last few years, we can see that media based technologies are still starting out. And we have miles and miles to go.

How do we know what’s out there; how do we leverage what’s out there; how do we make a contribution to what’s out there in digital communication? How do we understand the newest design and technical challenges of the age of information? How do we become masters of the new medium of communication? How do we be part of the new evolution? That’s where Thinnox comes in.

THINNOX is an academy of future designers, innovators and communicators. Our mission is to make emerging digital technologies accessible to all through a hands-on, learning-by-doing, creative experience.

THINNOX INC. was established on June 14, 2006 by a team of designers who wear several other hats such as animator, developer, writer, educator and entrepreneur. THINNOX Design Academy was opened to the public on November 2007. Since then the academy has grown to represent the collective experience of several leading professionals from the industry and academics who, as mentors and instructors, contribute daily to the program curriculum and facilitation.

We offer long and short term programs for youth and adults. While our youth programs are about design and innovation; adult programs are about design entrepreneurship. Our career labs offer unique co-op opportunities for our students to apply their skills for the benefit of their immediate communities.

We believe in immersive, hands-on education, through and for application. What you learn through our programs, you keep, use and harvest for the rest of your life. We believe in the power of new ideas and consider innovation as a way of life. We believe in the art of the possible evident in the results our participants deliver. We believe in excellence that is durable and make forums available to our students where they demonstrate their skills and test themselves against the world’s best.

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